Pocket Number-10: Loki Wine Merchant & Tasting House, Great Western Arcade, Birmingham

WP_20150815_15_29_26_ProLoki Wine Merchant & Tasting House is a multiple award winning WP_20150815_15_30_48_Prowine shop situated in Birmingham’s historic Great Western Arcade.

In addition to selling wine, gin and vodka, Loki has a wine preservation machine from which people with topped up sampling cards can try lots of little samples from a variety of different wines and so make an informed choice about the wine they take home. Loki also has an upstairs seating area and WP_20150815_15_24_25_Protasting courses, complete with food pairings.WP_20150815_15_28_25_ProWP_20150815_15_28_10_Pro

I met with Phil who had started Loki about two years ago and he showed me the shop’s most popular red and white wine  ->

I also explained about the project and Phil gave the montage a corkscrew and recommended that I next see Dom at Peel & Stone bakery.

Pocket Number 11: Dom at Peel & Stone bakery, Arch 33, Water Street >>


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