Pocket Number 4: Warden Hill, Galley and Warden Hills Nature Reserve

My step sister Claire joined me for the day.

An information board at the base of Warden Hill mentions rare flowers and butterflies. However, it’s February, so I’ll need to return later on in the year to see those. I did however, see red kites, vociferous cows and the disturbed dirt evidence of active rabbits.

Claire and I followed a track through a golf course and up the grass bank until we arrived at the top of Warden Hill. It was a clear day and I enjoyed the panoramic views across Luton, Streatley and beyond.

At the hill’s crest we met Paul, Annette, their son and their golden retriever, Daisy. I explained to Paul and Annette about what I was doing. After writing out directions on the frame, Paul brought us with him, along the escarpment to see Galley Hill – the place he and Annette instructed me to visit next. Along the way to Galley Hill we passed an arable field.

At the highest point in the field is a trig point , a triangulation pillar used to create the Ordinance Survey maps we enjoy today.

I asked what crop is normally grown there and Paul said that a local farmer has been growing rapeseed or wheat (for Weetabix) there since 1956.

Paul’s family lives in the vicinity of the nature reserve and so Daisy visits often and she knows by memory all the routes around the reserve.

Paul is a born and bred Lutonian of Irish descent. He owns a drywalling and fireproofing company and says his business has been booming since lockdown ended.

Paul was very informative about Luton. He grew up there and saw it change over the decades. He informed me that Luton still makes hats and he recommended I see St Mary’s Church. He said the church structure traces back to over 900 years.

After passing over Galley Hill, which I’ll talk about on the next page as it’s the next ‘Pocket’ of Luton, Paul brought us down the ridge to see a part of Icknield Way where bricks laid by the romans are still visible.

He gave to the montage a doggy bag he brought along on the walk to capture any of Daisy’s indiscretions.

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