Pocket Number-12: Café Beermoth, Spring Gardens

WP_20160527_13_07_44_ProMy smartphone’s map app took me to Beermoth’s shop on Tib Street in the Northern Quarter. The shop sells international and speciality craft beers and ales. I asked if there was beer on tap. I was told that if I wanted a pulled pint I’d need to go to Café Beermoth, newly opened at Spring Gardens, just off Market Street.


Behind Café Beermoth’s unassuming facade is a sleek, spacious; grey-painted interior with large glass windows, leather-covered seats, wooden floors and table-tops, etc.. Behind the large bar area are a dozen and a half rotating real ales and craft beers on tap.

WP_20160527_12_56_05_ProBeermoth also serves coffee and food.

I met Andrew behind the bar and asked him what he’d recommend I try and he had me experiment with a raw (unboiled, unfiltered) ale from Scotland. It was hazy orange in colour and tasted funky and sour, like caramel, lemon and tomatoes.

After I told Andrew about [25] Pockets of [Manchester], he sent me to see someone at Kingbee Records where he used to spend much of his youth (when not at Affleck’s Palace).

For the assemblage I received a Beermoth pint glass.

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