Pocket Number-20: Coventry Comfort Carers at St. Columba’s

81108646_616148435804673_1569905761817985024_nCoventry Comfort Carers began in 2012 through the efforts of John, Adam and Andrea in response to Coventry’s growing homelessness problem which got worse as a consequence of austerity, shortage of housing and local government cuts.

The organisation runs a foodbank and helps homeless individuals, destitute families and sufferers of domestic violence to access advice, shelter, food, hot meals, clothes, necessities, support and counselling.

They are not yet supported by the local authority and so rely on volunteers and on people helping out with donations of cash or useful items.

At St. Columba’s, Coventry Comfort Carers organised a multiple course Christmas dinner for 81930694_2452053815060618_5733584720852156416_nthe city’s homeless and destitute. Attendees also received gift-wrapped 81370298_503486196939173_8157905231854698496_n (2)packages of useful items.

These two volunteer cooks helped make the dinner happen. They had arrived at 3pm to start with the meal prepping.

There were also plenty of other volunteers who helped with 81306443_2575804126034536_8321781311056379904_nserving up the food while a volunteer orchestra serenaded everyone with Christmas carol tunes.

For the montage, John gave some business cards for Coventry Comfort Carers and asked to get the word out, as any donation and help is welcome! There are lots of desperate people who need a bit of help toward leading dignified lives.

Pru said she also wanted for me to meet and speak to Margaret so that’s who John sent me to next.

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