Pocket Number-21: St Columba’s & Coventry Council House

81204881_2679909978741204_3606640791872602112_nMargaret volunteers as Mandarin and Cantonese translator at the Coventry Migrant Centre and is a support worker for Coventry Carer’s Trust. She actively supports the local Chinese community in Coventry and is one of the original six Godiva Sisters.

81363129_1246650585545466_1211716926829494272_nShe let me photograph the lucky dangle charm that hangs from the rear-view mirror in her car and told me to put its picture on the montage .

Margaret and Pru discussed together about where to send me next before deciding to drive me to Coventry Guildhall to see the tapestries.

Margaret  wasn’t sure if we were parked correctly but we weren’t going to stay too long and everything was happening spontaneously.

81569370_576778176216007_1873886530368438272_nAt Coventry Guildhall we met Mick on security. Mick told us that the part of the building with the tapestries was locked up for the night but suggested I return another day for a proper tour of the place.

Pru spotted a parking ticket operator on his way out of the council building 81858790_513200355959043_3396903859338084352_nand Pru and Margaret asked him not to ticket the car.

There was still opportunity to take some photos in parts of the foyer which weren’t locked up, such as up the stairs and inbetween these christmas trees.

Margaret wrote on the frame for me to visit again when the Council House was open so I could see the community tapestry.

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