Pocket Number-13: Bitter Virtue, Cambridge Road

27496521_10100580636848767_1323054555_nBitter Virtue is a specialist beer bottleshop stocking a varied range of local and foreign artisan beer, with particular emphasis on American and Belgian beer.

After working as computer systems developers, Chris and Ann opened the shop in 1997 and this year celebrates it’s 20th anniversary.

I asked at the till for Chris and was told that he had stepped out for five minutes.27294689_10100580636853757_764670379_n

While I waited for him to return I browsed the beer shelves while eavesdropping on the lively conversation about German beer underway at the back of the shop.

When Chris arrived I explained to him about what I was doing. He was minded to send me to another beer-themed location but astutely noticed I had already been to a few and so sent me someplace cultural, to look at the Alfred Sisley Picture at Southampton Art Gallery.

He provided the montage with a Unity Co beermat and a bottle of Annum Belgian double export stout, brewed locally in Southampton at Unity 27394306_10100580640576297_16955524_nBrewing Co.

He noted that the bottle label displays Southampton’s art deco Civic Centre with it’s distinctive, tall and tapering clock-tower. Southampton Art Gallery is located in the Civic Centre and so the label forms a visual link to where I’ll be going next.

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