Pocket Number 8: Patisserie Leila, Stokes Croft


Patisserie Leila is one of Bristol’s only independent patisseries, selling fresh, handmade tarts, pastries and breads.

I approached the owner and explained about [25] Pockets of [Bristol]. He gave the montage a coffee loyalty card and then sent me to see Kamel, the owner of Coco Cafe, Haymarket (nearby the main bristol bus station).

He also gave me a macaroon to try and it was delicious.

The owner was photo shy and preferred for me to photograph the obliging employee pictured.



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1 Response to Pocket Number 8: Patisserie Leila, Stokes Croft

  1. buhirrafiq says:

    Awesome cakes by an awesome cake guy.
    Love it tasty. I am an a Bristol accountant and bristol bookkeeper and I absoloutley love these cakes. I buy them for clients take them home to the wife and tell my friends about them. When I am working hard on my computer finising of bristol bookkeeping jobs these cakes from patesserie leila really fill me up.
    Thanks Abdel Aziz and the crew

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