Participants’ reactions

“This is really great – I have much enjoyed what you have written about us, and also  seeing where you went on to from here very much. What a fab project, and very  good to meet you”

“Thanks so much, this is brilliant! … Absolutely loved the project, good on ya. All the best pal.”

Thanks for your email and your visit last Saturday, I have greatly enjoyed looking through the Pockets of the various towns and think the whole project is a great idea. You must be really enjoying the totally random adventures you have been having, and I wish you continued success in the future; I’ll be sure to monitor your progress. Best wishes & happy traveling.”

This is lovely … glad you are taking the time to see Swindon for its many joys. Best wishes and good luck with your lovely project.”

I was a little nonplussed when you called in as I thought what you were doing was slightly strange, yet inventive and charming. After you had gone I got to think how marvellous it was and how good it was to have met you: in fact you made my day. I shall await with interest all else that appears on the page.”

Hello! I’ve had a look at the facebook page, it’s all brilliant! I live in Oxford most of the time so I had a look at that one as well and it’s great 🙂 […] I hope you have fun on your travels!

“Thank you so much for involving me in your wonderful project and for sending me this link to your progress. I look forward to sharing all of this with friends later, who I am sure will enjoy reading each of your pocket entries as much me […] wishing you every success and great journeys in Birmingham and London.

“What an interesting approach. Nice photo of me you got too. :-)”


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