Pocket Number 2: The Great Eastern

89183694_613112046205880_3523990674611372032_nThe Great Eastern is a Brighton boozer with low, wood panelled ceilings and walls and a saloon style front door. The bar boasts a dozen handpumps, with half dispensing local or craft ales. If you feel an urge to eat there’s pies, mash and gravy on the menu to help give your stomach some ballast.

I explained to the bartender about what I was doing and asked him to point out a regular propping up the barstool. Two guys sitting at the bar next to me, flamboyantly wearing fedoras and doing a crossword puzzle were pointed out to me and I was introduced to Slyme and Twydall.

Slyme self-identifies as an actor, poet, musician, writer and puzzle master. He enjoys quizzes and mysteries and creating new ways of exploring cities and so was enthusiastic about what I was doing.

He told me that he now does outdoor, app-based escape games that give participants a88965949_511617762874274_952060525716439040_n novel way of exploring Brighton and meeting new people through puzzles, challenges and treasure hunts.

He conversed with Twydall (seen in the photo) and they agreed to send me to find the cat @ the Old Steine and then to find someone else who knew about it.

91852799_1574804666018265_6893399836947644416_nFor the montage I was given a business card for The Great Eastern and Slyme and Twydall wrote their names on the card.

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