Pocket Number-23: McDonalds, Castle Park

25-pockets-of-swansea-019 (2)To follow Harry’s instructions it was necessary to spend a number of evenings haunting the McDonalds by Castle Park. Within the McDonalds, I positioned my seating strategically. From my vantage point I could see both exits and scope out the hair hue of everyone who entered and left the building.

I ate a succession of cheeseburgers while v
arious promising mops and manes promenaded to and from the tills.

I saw dip-dyed hair. I saw hair bearing two colour strands – or even multiple shades of two colours … and yet, I remained patient, ate more cheeseburgers and bided my time for the perfect candidate to reveal him/herself.

My patience was certainly rewarded when my eyes alighted on Christine’s hair.

Christine showed at least four different colours in her already distinctive dreadlocks. Particular dreadlocks were tinged red, others she bleached blond; some she dyed black while letting some retain their natural, brownish hue.

Christine also agreed to participate in my project. She gave the assemblage a business card of a friend of hers called Christin Point, who is  an illustrator, and then told me to “…find a person who has a cold at Worms Head, Rhossili, Swansea.”


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