Pocket Number 6: Coffee Architects, Warwick Street

WP_20151222_11_33_53_ProCoffee Architects is a local, independent café on Warwick Street .

WP_20151222_11_33_05_ProI needed caffeine and so had an espresso and was given a complementary mince pie to enjoy with my coffee. I then listened to a group of singers as they sang Christmas carols to the customers huddled beneath blankets in the café’s garden space out back.

The café was bustling full but I managed to intercept a busy Samantha on one of her runs between the kitchen and brunching customers and explained to her about 25 Pockets of Leamington Spa. She gave the assemblage a love Christmas like we do! Coffee Architects WP_20151222_11_30_26_Procoffee cup holder and then sent me a few yards further up Warwick Street to see Elenia at Thrills of the Emporium.

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