Pocket Number 1: The Mad Hatter, Iffley Road, Oxford

25 pockets of oxford 001 (2)The Mad Hatter is an intimate bar and stage venue on Iffley Road in east Oxford. On Monday evening the venue hosted the Hatweazle performance night – a performance and open mic night for music, poetry, storytelling and song.

In order to be let in, I was asked to answer the riddle  “what can be caught but not thrown.”

25 pockets of oxford 003 (2)<< Once in, I tried the venue’s alluring blue cheese cocktail which was surprisingly potable and complimented the evening’s quirky mix of performers.

I located Henry, who runs the place and he gave the montage a green and blue play-dough flower that a hen party had sculpted and abandoned the night before.

Henry used to sing opera professionally and enjoyed classical music and so advised me to go to Blackwell Music Shop on Broad Street and speak to Peter who works there. I was told that Peter’s expertise in sourcing music scores is second to none.

Pocket Number 2: Peter at Blackwell Music Shop


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