Pocket Number-10: Pavé Coffee, St James Square

WP_20160526_12_22_35_ProPavé Coffee is an independent, speciality espresso bar popular with the area’s cycling commuters. In acknowledgement of their custom, a red Pinarello bicycle’s been hoisted onto the wall for display outside the shop. That’s the bike I’m meant to ride.

Dan has the run of the place and was chatting to a group of cyclists when I approached him.

I explained to him about [25] Pockets of [Manchester] and told him Max’s instructions for me to:

  1. ride on his red bicycle, and
  2. have an espresso

Dan noted that my whole project might be an elaborate ruse to nick the bike and get free espresso but allowed me to ride the bike around the block, and I didn’t nick or crash it.

Dan then obliged me with a well-extracted, fruity tasting espresso.WP_20160526_12_14_18_Pro

He gave the assemblage a fully-stamped loyalty card – meaning that [25] Pockets of [Manchester] can be traded in at Pavé for free coffee!

He then sent me to meet Henry at Evans Cycles.

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