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[25] Pockets of [ ] is an interactive dérive and assemblage project. The framed object assemblages are randomly and collaboratively generated through gifts and referrals. 25-pob-002 (2)Participants give away to the assemblage a 25 ps of Oxf 006possession that is either carried on their person or that is at hand, nearby. They then write on the picture frame the next location and person, or ‘pocket’ for me to visit and extract a further item and referral from.IMG_8848

Items received from participants are attached to the montage.

Positioning of the assembled objects correlates to the locations at which these were obtained so that there is a contextually significant relationship between the objects’ placements to the geographical locations at which they were obtained.

[25] Pockets of [Bristol]125 Pockets ofOxford 064

In the manner described above, and with the continuous goodwill and generosity of participants, a visualisation of a city as a social entity and as a dynamic and interacting assemblage of relations is achieved.

By using preconditions of randomness, fixed and selective prejudices in the focus on and presentation of a place are reduced. My role is that of a  privileged explorer,pts rdng 001 cataloguer and curator: a medium that invites a city to 25 Pockets of London 007assemble a configuration of itself as a social formation and  interact with, relate, refer and connect to itself through its inhabitants.25 Pockets December Cardiff Swansea 018

My experiences have been varied and engaging. In Oxford, I was 25 of Swi 011sent to meet one of the world’s foremost violin virtuosos: Maxim Vengerov. In Swansea, I was referred to “someone with a cold at Rhossili beach” who in turn sent me to locate a six foot tall blonde woman at an old boozer.  I smile thinking on the many evenings I spent sitting in a Mc Donald’s on the lookout for 25 pockets of Swindon 010someone with multi-coloured hair or the time I asked at a climbing centre to meet Tufa, the owner’s husky dog I had been sent to hug.

[25] Pockets of [London]1I enjoyed exploring [25] Pockets of [Bristol] and so after moving to Wales, decided to explore Swansea and Cardiff. Since then, I’ve relocated to Oxford and so explored 25 Pockets of Oxford. Oxford’s location allows me easy access to Reading, Swindon and London and enabled me to set a goal of exploring all the cities situated along the M4 corridor – Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon, Reading and London. I’m also visiting other nearby cities such as Leamington Spa and Birmingham.

Pockets of Oxford OxCastle (1024x1024)

I keep some account of my wanderings on this website and on a facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/25-Pockets-of/428010350642106?hc_location=stream .

Pocket Number 2: old male on Park StreetOn this site you’ll find links to the various cities I’ve explored or am exploring and I do hope you enjoy following the trail of referrals through the various cities.

See anyone you know?Pitt Rivers 00125 pockets of 005