Pocket Number-16: Coventry Station

I text-explained to Rob about what I was doing and we arranged to meet at Coventry station at 12:30pm on a Saturday.

My train was 30 minutes late but Rob was kind enough to linger on till I arrived,

I found Rob waiting at the station entrance and we got talking.

Rob2 002Rob has lived and worked in Coventry all his life and is now retired there. He told me that Coventry was always a working city but he’s noticed how its cultural offering is improving and he’s proud that it”s been awarded UK City of Culture 2021.

After his retirement, Rob took up learning the guitar and began a folk club called ‘The Sty’ which ran regularly, every week, for 10 years.

Although The Sty is no more, Rob still does regular singarounds at local folk clubs such as the Tump Folk Club

I asked Rob if he has any favourite folk bands and he told me he’s a big Bob Dylan fan.

He then sent me to visit his daughter Corrine.

For the montage he gave me a tenner made from tissue!

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