[25] Pockets of [Reading]

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[25] Pockets of [Reading] is an interactive derive and assemblage montage randomly and collaboratively generated through collected gifts and referrals.


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Pockets of Reading >>

Pocket Number 1: Declan at The Wishing Well pub >>

Pocket Number 2: Jimmy at The Curzon Club >>

Pocket Number 3: Darren at The Royal Albion pub >>

Pocket Number 4: David at The Roebuck pub >>

Pocket Number 5: Kevin (->Amanda) at The Shepherds House pub >>

Pocket Number 6: James at the Mc Donalds in Lower Earley >>

Pocket Number 7: Becky at Boots at The Oracle Shopping Mall >>

Pocket Number 8: Matt at Handmade Burger Co >>

Pocket Number 9: Sharon at The Face Bar >>

Pocket Number 10: Aaron at The Oracle Shopping Mall >>

Pocket Number 11: Adam at Electric Lady Tattoo Studios >>

Pocket Number 12: Sarah at The Beauty Boutique >>

Pocket Number 13: Charlotte at Lush >>

 Pocket Number 14: Sophia at Business Environment Group >>

Pocket Number 15: Denice at Nando’s Restaurant >>

Pocket Number 16: Zoe at Debenham’s, The Oracle >>

Pocket Number 17: Holly at Next, Broad Street >>

Pocket Number 18: Charlotte at House of Fraser, The Oracle Centre >>

Pocket Number 19: Oli and friends at Forbury Gardens >>

Pocket Number 20: John at The Jolly Anglers, Kennetside >>

Pocket Number 21: Lee at The Retreat, St John’s Street >>

Pocket Number 22: Clive & Iris at Greggs, Queen Victoria Street >>

Pocket Number 23: Holly at Superdrug, Broad Street >>

Pocket Number 24: Ben at Next, Broad Street >>

Pocket Number 25: Michael (a man with a hat), The Broad Street Mall >>



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