Pocket Number 2: Domino’s Pizza at The Avenue & Chandler’s Ford

IMG_20170617_220721I asked at Domino Pizza’s outlet at The Avenue if Martin was available and was told to come back in four hours.

Returning later, I learned that Martin had been sent up to Domino’s Chandler’s Ford outlet.

All the trains up to Chandler’s Ford from St Denys were cancelled as the summer heatwave had overheated the trains’ electrics and buckled the tracks.

So I walked.

I found Martin at the Chandler’s Ford outlet. Martin is originally from Brittany and has been living in the UK for a year and a half. He told me that Dincho used to work for him when he was a manager at Gusto Lounge.

I explained about 25 Pockets of Southampton and Martin gave to the montage a business card and then sent me to meet Marzena or anybody at M&K Dance and Fitness.

He asked Marzena on the frame to meet me in Costa …?

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