Pocket Number-11: Fat Moomoo, Park Street

WP_20151222_16_51_55_ProFat Moomoo is a family-run confectionery store retailing a super-abundance of all things sweet.

I explained to Paul about what I was doing and he told me that his wife Tanya had just stepped out and would be back in five minutes.

While I waited for her to return, Paul introduced me to Swedish, Finnish and Dutch liquorice and had me sampling various selections from a WP_20151222_16_41_39_Projar-library of different assortments that Fat Moomoo has on stock.

When Tanya arrived I asked her what her favourite confectionery is and she told me that she especially enjoys  cinnamon flavours – and so I WP_20151222_16_49_30_Protook back for the assemblage a bag of the magic WP_20151222_16_48_09_Procinnamon candies she favours.

Paul drew on the picture frame, with his own purple sharpie pen, the Fat Moomoo cow logo and then stamped the frame with the Fat Moomoo business stamp before sending me to see Adam at Warwick Street Kitchen.

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