Pocket Number-30: The Builders Arms, Lansdowne Street

WP_20160507_12_31_25_ProThe Builders Arms is a spacious Irish Pub. There’s a pool table, slot machines and at least four plasma screen TVs, ensuring that sport gets seen from wherever one’s sitting.

Ansells, Guinness and Guinness Golden Ale are on tap.

I never had golden-coloured Guinness before and so tried a pint. While WP_20160507_12_38_24_Propulling my pint, the barman told me that the new golden variety was the tipple of choice for the fellow to my left. In the picture I took, you can see him with a golden pint matching mine, and thumbing his smartphone – clearly somebody with a taste for new things!

I explained to John about [25] Pockets of [Leamington Spa]. I also passed on the message from Murphy (“hmmm, [Guinness] tastes better at Murphy’s“) and was told “that’s cause you aren’t drinking a real Guinness.”

I noted that Guinness here’s £0.10 pence cheaper than at Murphy’s and was informed “used to be thirty before John raised the prices.” 

John gave the assemblage a Smirnoff pump label?! (vodka on tap!) and then sent me to see Kat at The Fox and Vivian

The writing space on my picture frame is now full and so [30] Pockets of [Leamington Spa] can be assembled


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