[25] Pockets of [Coventry]

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[25] Pockets of [Coventry] is an interactive derive and assemblage montage randomly and collaboratively generated through gifts and referrals.

The method:

I asked the framer who I bought my picture frames from where in Coventry he’d recommend I stand and hold my sign ‘name a person in a place in Coventry for me to visit.’ He said the Lady Godiva Statue at Broadgate is a busy, central spot.

A guy called Peter in the shop overheard our conversation and said he’d personally take me to Broadgate. Peter works as a postman in Coventry and knows his way around the city.

At the centre of Broadgate square is a monument to Lady Godiva, legendary for her naked horse ride through the streets of Coventry in protest against a hated tax rise instituted by her husband, Lord Leofric.

wp_20161119_17_08_07_proInstalled in the redbrick facade of Broadgate house, is a 140 year old Lady Godiva Clock. At the striking of the hour, two yellow doors with black eagles open and the figure of a naked, golden haired Godiva and horse emerge and parade across the clock face.

Before too long a peeping Tom pops up from a window above Godiva to take a gander. godiva2

After bringing me to the Godiva Statue at Broadgate Square, Peter took me wp_20161119_17_09_29_proto meet the local Peeping Toms. One Tom can be found in a glass case in Cathedral Gate Shopping Centre.

Another, more macabre bust of Tom, roosts in a glass box above Hertford Street Shopping and depicts Peeping Tom in the throes of anguish, having wp_20161119_17_19_38_probeen struck blind as punishment for his peeping.

After I explained to Peter about 25 Pockets of Coventry he told me to begin my exploration of Coventry by visiting 2-Tone Village.

I’m able to see anybody there.


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Pockets >>

Pocket Number 1: Suky at 2-Tone Village, Walsgrave Road >>

Pocket Number 2: Steve at Sgt Bilko’s Vintage Emporium and The Phil Silvers Museum, Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street >>

Pocket Number 3: Ian at PopBang Colour studios, Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street >>

Pocket Number 4: Robert at Dashing Blades Barbershop, Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street >>

Pocket Number 5: Mick at Inspire Bar, Christchurch Spire, New Union Street >>

Pocket Number 6: Dean John of Coventry Cathedral >>

Pocket Number 7: Sabir at The Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre >>

Pocket Number 8: Leon at Belgrade Theatre, Corporation Street >>

Pocket Number 9: Jessica at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum >>

Pocket Number 10: Sally at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire >>

Pocket Number 11: Vic at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire >>

Pocket Number 12: Richard at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire >>

Pocket Number 13: Clive at Coventry Transport Museum >>

Pocket Number 14: Tim at Coventry Transport Museum’s coffee shop >>

Pocket Number 15: Rob at Coventry Transport Museum’s coffee shop >>

Pocket Number 16: Rob at Coventry Train station >>

Pocket Number 17: Corrine at private home address >>

Pocket Number 18: Lucy (and Paul) at Backhaus & Co, Fargo Village >>

Pocket Number 19: Lady Godiva (Pru) at St Columba’s >>

Pocket Number 20: John and Coventry Comfort Carers at St Columba’s >>

Pocket Number 21: Margaret at St Columba’s & Coventry Council House >>

Pocket Number 22: Mick at Coventry Council House >>