Pocket Number 7: Boots Reading, the upper ground level, The Oracle Centre

25 pkts of rdng 002Arriving at the Boots outlet at the Oracle Centre, I asked to meet Becky.

I was informed that there are three women called Becky working at Boots. One Becky was away on holiday and another one was not working on the Saturday.

That certainly made choosing easy and the available Becky was promptly summoned to see me in the men section via loudspeaker (“Could Becky come to the men’s section please!“). After explaining about what I was doing, 25 pkts of rdng 001Becky agreed to participate.

The assemblage was provided with a “sorry we are out of stock check at the till as this item may be available to order through boots.com” see-through plastic insert along with a tiny, tiny green bird sticker.

Becky told me to visit Matt at Handmade Burger Co next.

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