Pocket Number-21: The Duke, Warwick Street

WP_20160206_18_22_44_ProThe Duke is a roomy, popular boozer on Warwick Street. Its furnishings are urban-rustic, with wooden floors, art plastered and mirrored walls, button-back sofas and glass and metal tables.

I visited on a Saturday evening and the pub was brimming full with a young crowd. Many were WP_20160206_18_21_47_Prowatching rugby (England vs. Scotland) on the pub’s flat screen TVs, some were playing pool and others were playing PlayStation games in the pub’s gaming booths.WP_20160206_18_18_51_Pro

I explained about the project to the friendly bar staff and they consulted amongst each other before sending me to get an ice-cream at Jephson Gardens.

Naomi-Lea wrote out the instructions on the frame and I was allowed to approach anyone in Jephson Gardens.

For the assemblage I received a flyer printed like a five £ bank note with the Queen mother advertising “Blue Monday at The Duke | Main Courses £5/6-9pm

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