Pocket Number-19: City Eye, Studio 44, Guildhall Square

35864579_10100621250119447_9187079408584753152_nCity Eye is a Southampton-based community film organisation which supports the development of filmmakers and promotes film and video culture in the region. Its advertised activities includes production work, education and screening programmes, including Southampton Film Week.

Susan worked with the charity for over 15 years and is its director.

I contacted her by phone and email and told her about what I was doing. We arranged to meet on a Saturday afternoon. My train ran late but she forgave this and we rearranged the appointment for later.

I met Susan at John Hansard Gallery’s reception at the new arts complex in Guildhall Square. She was carrying a silver helium balloon from a colleague’s birthday celebration from the previous night.

She told me that her charity is in the middle of relocating from Tower House to the new arts complex and then took me upstairs to see the new office.

She recounted the history of the charity, which was begun in 1986 as a co-operative and spoke about how filming is a collaborative exercise which brings people together and noted that people with certain mental health issues find filming to be a useful  communication vehicle.

Susan gave to the Southampton assemblage a City Eye Card and then sent me to meet 43817076_551710228575432_8230153960527233024_nDeborah “wherever her diverse practice finds her and you.” Susan said she got to know Deborah while working together in the People’s Theatre and that Deborah’s diverse artistic practice includes art, writing, directing, producing and poetry.

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