Pocket Number-25: Off Broadway, Broadway Market, London

WP_20150525_15_50_03_ProOff Broadway is an american style dive bar serving up cocktails and american craft beer.

I asked at the bar about Johnny Cakes and was told that johnny cakes were on their way and that I could eat one in about 20 minutes.WP_20150525_15_49_10_Pro

I returned in 20 minutes to find Davey setting up his Boss Hoss pop-up street food display in the window hatch of Off Broadway.

WP_20150525_15_25_41_ProBefore long I was introduced to the johnny cake – a large, round, maize flour cake with a choice of stuffing. I tried “The Big Boss“, stuffed with “a herbed beef hash in a rich tomato sauce” and it arrived piping hot, crispy-shelled and with torch-melted cheese and guascaca sauce. Davey encouraged me to use my hands to eat it.

The beer in the picture is a Mariana Trench pale ale that Off Broadway had on tap and it tasted tropical, like Mango and passion fruit.WP_20150525_15_42_29_Pro

After I explained about what I was doing to Davey, I was given a Boss Hoss menu and sent to Secret Cinema to see Lee & Sidead at BBQ Dreamz.

Davey at Off Broadway is the 25th pocket of London so that the first [25] Pockets of [London] can now be assembled.London Montage1


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