[50] Pockets of Bristol [pockets 26-50]

Pockets 26 -50

 [50] Pockets of [Bristol] is an interactive derive that comments on art as exchange; on collaboratively exploring, experiencing, creating and transmitting a feeling of interconnected, inhabited place; and on the relationship between art and personal property.

The method:

  • Whoever is approached is asked to participate by giving away to the artwork a possession that is carried on their person or that is in reach nearby.
  •  Participants then write/sign their name on the picture frame and specify the next pocket (location and person in Bristol) for me to visit.
  • Whatever is received is attached to the picture canvas at a coordinate relative to where, (in Bristol), it was given so that an object’s positioning on the canvas corresponds to the relative location (in Bristol) at which it was obtained (there is a map at the back of the picture). These pockets/items of participation are threaded together on the back of the canvas so that the journey I made is outlined. With Bristol’s participation, the artwork generates itself.
  • Andy (Big Issue Seller) gave me the first location: someone in fancy dress at the harbourside.
  • Any profit received for [50] pockets of [Bristol] will go the charity of the buyer’s choice.
  • The art concept will be continued in Bristol and expanded and applied to other locations.

Pocket Number 26: The Old Duke, Charlotte Street

Pocket Number 27: The Mother’s Ruin, St. Nicholas Street

Pocket Number 28: Eskimo Kids, Cabot Circus

Pocket Number 29: The Bear Pit

Pocket Number 30: The Wild Goose, Stapleton Road, Easton

Pocket Number 31: The Bristol Vinyard, Gloucester Road, Horfield

Pocket Number 32: M-Shed, Bristol Harbourside

Pocket Number 33: The Moroccan Place, St. Nicholas Market

Pocket Number 34: Souk Kitchen, North Street, Bedminster

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