Pocket Number-10: Madam Tussauds, Baker Street, London

WP_20141102_15_32_31_ProMy visit to London’s Madame Tussauds  was fated to coincide with the day in which I upgraded my mobile to a smartphone. The new phone allowedWP_20141102_16_30_01_Pro me to take my first ever selfies.

Taken with Lumia SelfieMoving through the various zones, I took selfies with film and sports stars, pop music and cultural icons, historical characters and world WP_20141102_16_55_44_Proleaders.

25 poc of London4Here are the results; complete with instagram effects: 25 Poc of London2

Edited in Lumia SelfieAside from photo opportunities, there was: a section explaining the history of Madame Tussauds –

WP_20141102_16_31_40_Prowhich began its life on Baker Street in London; a two minute taxi-cab ride through London’s Taken with Lumia Selfiepast; and a  Marvel 4D cinematic experience where you get sprayed on when Hulk sneezes and puffed on when WP_20141102_17_06_49_ProHulk’s clapping creates a concussive effect.  WP_20141102_16_53_01_Pro

While waiting to enter the superhero “command centre” for the 4D experience, I explained the project to Des, who was working as a crowd controlling laboratory assistant.

Des gave the montage a Madame Tussaud’s photo-frame and then sent me to meet his friend Michael at The Harry Potter Shop at Kings Cross station.


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