Pocket Number 4: Turtle Bay, Guildhall Square

19758276_10100501348682887_251053150_nTurtle Bay is a bar and restaurant serving Caribbean food, plus cocktails.

A raspberry mojito wasn’t on the drinks menu but the bartender knew how to mix it and mixed me two.

Looking around, I judged Keri to be the 19832618_10100501348338577_903640651_nprettiest girl around. I assured her that I wasn’t hitting on her and explained about what I was doing. She tried one of the raspberry mojitos and said it tasted okay, although she normally drinks pina-colada

19758463_10100501348313627_1260440287_nShe gave the montage a receipt for spicy fries that she and her sister Melinda had shared and then wrote instructions for me to go to the Showcase cinema, sit in the VIP section and order the person to [my] right a hotdog or anything else of their choice.

Keri says she likes horror and action films.

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