Pocket Number-23: Canalside, Gas Street Basin

23113752_10100547240979357_1890315116_n (1)I stopped by at Canalside whenever I was in Birmingham to have a pint of Peaky Blinders and meet Roy. However, Roy hadn’t made an appearance at the pub for many months and no-one knew where he lived or how to contact him. After a year and a half and two dozen failed attempts, Val told me that she feared Roy may have passed away and so she wrote on the frame for me to see Tony as an alternative.

I already knew Tony. He’d usually respond to my enquiries after Roy and whenever he pulled me a pint of Peaky Blinder, I saw ‘T-O-N-Y’ spelt out on his knuckle tattoos.

I explained to Tony about [25] Pockets of [Birmingham] and he gave to the assemblage a hand pump label for Peaky Blinder – self-described as a “dark and delicious yet refreshing and hoppy” black IPA from West Midlands brewer, Sadlers.

Tony then sent me to meet his mate Ivan at the nearby curry house that he frequents.

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