Pocket Number 7: Pitt Rivers Museum, South Parks Road, Oxford

Pitt Rivers 001Following Morgan’s directions, I visited Pitt Rivers museum: an ethnographic and archaeological museum with displays and cases packed full with objects  from around the world; arranged according to type and function.

I explained about the project at the museum’s reception and asked if a curator might be available to see me. I was told that it would be best to book an appointment via email and so sent an email to the general contact address, explaining about why I needed to see a curator. I received a response the following day from Julia who agreed to participate. Julia is the head of collections at Pitt Rivers. She gave the project a postcard that shows an aerial picture of Pitt Rivers’ ground floor court with its many glass cases of displays.

Julia then sent me to see the Holywell Music Room and share the space with Haydn. Julia informed me that Holywell music room is the oldest purpose built music room in Europe and that the composers Haydn and Handel had performed there.

I was allowed to approach anyone.

Pocket Number 8: David Lepage at Holywell Music Room >>


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