Pocket Number-25: Broad Street Mall, Reading

25 last pckts of reading 016Circling around Broad Street Mall, I scanned the heads of male shoppers for hats. Before too long I spotted one wearing a straw fedora hat.

Michael provided me with a card he had been handed at a gay pride parade in London for RubberGTR and Bootbrush, 25 last pckts of reading 017whose blog – http://bootbrushpup.blogspot.co.uk is advertised as “The diary of a gay rubber-pup and dog-boy – and a record of its thoughts, experiences and training..”

Michael revealed that he recently learned that the Hairy Biker TV presenters had Che Guevara ironically tattooed onto their right arm (presumably because Che is depicted with a lot of hair + was a biker when he biked through Argentina) and so sent me to say hello to someone else in Berkshire with a Che Guevara t-shirt or tattoo.

Michael at The Broad Street Mall constitutes the 25th pocket of Reading so that the first [25] Pockets of [Reading] can be assembled.

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