Pocket Number-14: Southampton City Art Gallery

IMG_20180127_135258Southampton City Art Gallery is sited in the North Wing of Southampton’s Civic Centre complex of municipal buildings. It was constructed in the 1930s and designed in classical revival style by E. Berry Webber

It survived the bombing blitz of the following decade – allegedly on account of its clock tower, which served as landmark for incoming German bombers.

The gallery holds a permanent collection of over 5,300 works of art, withIMG_20180127_142147 emphasis on local and British artists.

When I visited, part of the gallery was closed forIMG_20180127_144630 refurbishment. There was still much to see, such as Edward Burne-Jones‘ Perseus series and David Baker‘s photographic exhibition on Southampton Common. The main exhibition was ‘Roger Mayne and St Ives’. It brought Roger Mayne’s photographs into dialogue with various paintings and portraits of the St Ives School in order to trace that art group’s sustained influence on the photographer’s work.

I didn’t spot any Alfred Sisley painting and so asked Caroline on reception if she knew where it was. Caroline told me that due to gallery renovations the painting was not currently on display, but it should be up for viewing again soon.

IMG_20180127_152526 (2)I told Caroline about what I was doing  and she gave to the montage a purple eraser and told me to go wind up Laura at Tudor House by ask[ing] to see the garden after 4:30pm!

I asked Caroline if she had a favourite painting in the gallery’s collection and she told me she’s fond of Sir Tristam by Christopher Le Brun.

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