.Exhibitions, Fairs, Papers, Awards & Nominations

11 July 2019

[25] Pockets of […]

Group exhibition and workshop at Wandering Games conference 2019

Bangor University

18 May 2019

[25] Pockets of […]

Pop-up exhibition (group) on the theme of ‘Shared Space’ curated by Cooltsalon

Stour Space Gallery, East London

11 September – 13 September 2017

[25] Pockets of […]: an interpersonal derive (paper)

RC21 conference, as part of: More Than Pedestrian: Psychogeography, Creative Walking and Spacial Justice – curated by Morag Rose (of the Loiterer’s Resistance Movement) at Leeds University, Leeds


8 September – 11 September 2017

[25] Pockets of […]

Exhibition (group) as part of the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography

S2R Create space, Huddersfield


18 August – 30 August 2017

[25] Pockets of [Manchester]: as part of ‘locality’ themed group exhibition- at Divine Locale Contemporary Art Festival



17 October – 14 November 2016wp_20161017_15_43_29_pro

Down the M4 | [25] Pockets of [Swansea], [Cardiff], [Bristol], [Swindon], [Reading] and [London]

Swansea Civic Centre, Swansea


23 July – 14 October 201613873009_10157143357500542_2850550557588450738_n

[25] Pockets of [Manchester]: part of Loitering With Intent. The Art and Politics of Walking in Manchester and Beyond curated by the Loiterer’s Resistance Movement at:

People’s History Museum: Left Bank, Spinningfields, Manchester


18-30 April 2016WP_20160418_16_55_11_Pro

Down the M4 | [25] Pockets of [Swansea], [Cardiff], [Bristol], [Swindon], [Reading] and [London] 

Bristol Central Library, College Green, Bristol



27-31 October 2015WP_20151029_19_29_50_Pro

[25] Pockets of [London]  as part of the finalists selected for EWAAC 2015

La Galleria,

5B Pall Mall, London


September 2015

[25] Pockets of [London]: BLOOOM Award 2015 by WARSTEINER, nominated


6-31 July 2015WP_20150704_16_25_51_Pro

Reading Central Library

Abbey Square, Reading


We are really pleased to be able to display this exhibition. It looks great and is already a talking point.”

It was a pleasure having your exhibition here, thank you. You had put so much in to it and everyone found it very absorbing and enjoyed it very much.

Hope all goes well with further exhibitions and please let us know if you would like to exhibit again in the future.”


25-27 June 2015WP_20150625_20_09_07_Pro

As part of Playground on Fire & SKYROCKET

The Old Fire Station,

40 George Street, Oxford,


 Well done – we’ve been really pleased to have the opportunity to participate in your project and it’s been very straight forward and fun!, to work with you.


9-17 May 2015WP_20150516_12_22_31_Pro

As part of Oxfordshire Artweeks

The Albion Beatnik Bookstore

34 Walton Street, Oxford


 “It was a good show and was certainly different to most else – and interesting.”


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