Pocket Number-19: Revolucion de Cuba, Peter Street

WP_20160625_16_54_57_ProRevolucion de Cuba is a spacious rum bar and restaurant serving Cuban and Latin-American-themed food, drinks and cocktails.

WP_20160625_17_09_18_ProThe Deansgate outlet was bustling full and I joined the thirsty crowd thronging around the bar.

Here you can see Viktoria mixing and pouring me the Margarita cocktail Sandra had told me to try.

WP_20160625_17_01_14_ProAfter I told Viktoria about 25 Pockets of Manchester she gave the assemblage a Jamaican flag she plants the flags in Reggae Rum cocktails.

She then told me to go to the Northern Quarter and explore the art on the buildings and said to ask a random person for my next mission.

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