Pocket Number 3: Venture Photography, Park Street

WP_20151219_13_36_08_ProVenture Photography is a photographic studio neighbouring Blaze on Park Street. Its business involves shooting high quality personal and family portraits. The store’s window instalation celebrated a decade of trade success WP_20151219_13_46_35_Proin Leamington Spa.

Chris is a professional photographer and the director of Venture in Leamington Spa.

Chris said he was expecting me after having been twitter alerted about me by Blaze. After I explained about [25] Pockets of [Leamington Spa] he providedWP_20151221_10_31_26_Pro the montage with a Venture Family Photography Experience gift voucher package, valued at £245 and then sent me to see Richard at Clements and Church, a few yards further along Park Street,  to see what tie might pair with my mustard-yellow blazer.

WP_20151219_13_43_09_ProChris agreed that the first photo I took of him wasn’t very good as WP_20151219_13_43_33_Prothere was light glaring behind him and so he obliged while I repositioned and took another shot with the lighting behind me: ->

Much better!

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