Pocket Number-25: Kelsey’s Bar, High Street

WP_20160402_19_29_14_ProKelsey’s Bar is a spacious, dimly lit dive bar with the cheapest drinks in Leamington Spa. There are slot machines, pool tables, a jukebox and plasma screens to watch sky sports on.

It was early in the evening when I visited and the place was still mostly empty aside from a couple of friends (Courtney and James) drinking by the bar.

Behind the bar mixologist and former chemistry student Daniel, prepared for Kelsey’s late night crowd by filling pitchers with an eerily florescent green brew called “Eliminator.”

I explained to Daniel, Courtney and James about what I was doing, of my mission to drink a pitcher of fucked up Funky Fruit and of my needing to take a selfie with Akwasi.

Akwasi wasn’t on bar duty that evening but everybody at Kelsey’s knew him and he was promptly texted and told about my project. He replied and said he’d come down to meet me in 20 minutes.

I used the time to fortify myself in preparation for the coming ordeal by eating  chilli-fries at The Undergraduate.

When I had finished my fries I returned to Kelsey’s and was introduced to Akwasi.

I also drank down a pitcher full of Funky Fruit.

I asked if I could treat it like a sipping drink but was told that I’d need to down it in ten minutes if I wanted to do things properly.

Here you can see it being prepared by Daniel.

Making it extra fucked up meant adding extra rum and vodka shots.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

And here’s my selfie with Akwasi.

When he isn’t revelling or doing bar duty at Kelsey’s Akwasi studies computer science at Warwick.

Akwasi gave the assemblage a red bottle opener by FIREBALL (a WP_20160423_18_25_22_Procinnamon-flavoured whiskey-liqueur) and then sent me to Newbold Comyn Arms for lunch. He didn’t specify anyone in particular for me to approach; so I’m able to approach anyone.

As the night progressed into the early hours Kelsey’s becameWP_20160402_20_28_10_Pro lively. I remember being invited to ruin some games of pool and WP_20160402_22_14_12_Proof being engaged in a number of drunken conversations.

At some point, Amelia visited and ascertained the state of me.

On the reverse of the frame Courtney wrote  “We love you! Love Kelsey’s Bar!


and someone else wrote: “Snake was here!

Akwasi at Kelsey’s Bar is the 25th pocket of 25 Pockets of Leamington Spa but since there’s still space on my picture frame, I’ll do a few more.

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