Pocket Number 4: The Paris House

[25] Pockets of […] was on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last thing I’d want is to flit from referral to referral as a superspreader! A whole year and a half has passed since my last ‘Pocket’ and so I was excited to continue with [25] Pockets of [Brighton and Hove]!

The Paris House is a French-themed cafe-bar. The decor involves: black and white check-tiles, posters on wine-red walls, plus French flag bedecked ceilings.

The menu includes: bread baskets, dipping oils and cheese and charcuterie cold platters. There’s a broad selection of wine + local ales on tap. Live music, jazz and French chansons, happen regularly.

I met Pierre working behind the bar and explained about what I was doing. I also ordered a ricard, just as Peter had instructed me to. Pierre said the bar was out of ricard and so I settled for a pint of Sussex Best instead.

Pierre told me he’s been working in Brighton and Hove for two years and originally hails from Brittany. During lockdown furlough he’s been learning the bass and is in a band

While he decided what object to give, he disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a dusty bottle of ricard from storage! Perfect! I did right by Peter and had a glass of it.

Pierre unlocked a glass cabinet full of photographs of bands and musicians and gave the project a black and white photograph of the singer Francoise-Hardy-Alone. He then sent me to get some pancakes at Nowhere Man and meet his friend Claudia, who just started working there.

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