Pocket Number 3: PopBang Colour Studio, Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street

wp_20161203_16_40_55_proSteve introduced me to local artist Ian.wp_20161203_16_41_22_pro  Ian loves cars and makes his livelihood painting cars using his very own invented and perfected method of ‘auto-drawing’ – Ian uses the wheels of toy, wp_20161203_16_42_11_prowp_20161203_16_41_31_proremote-control, and even real cars as his paintbrush.

You can follow Ian’s work wp_20161203_16_41_14_prohere.

When I told Ian about 25 Pockets of Coventry, he gave the assemblage a wp_20161203_16_39_55_prowp_20161203_21_52_39_pro‘business car’ and then called over his friend Robert from Dashing Blades Barbershop and sent me to visit Rob’s barbershop.

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