Pocket Number 7: All Saints, Shillington

All Saints is a prominent medieval church set like a beacon on a chalk scarp in the quaint village of Shillington, 10 miles Northeast from Luton.

The approach to the church winds up a narrow road flanked by pretty Victorian and timber frame houses

The ironstone Norman church building dates from 1370. I appreciated it from outside as it was closed.

The church’s raised burial ground offers a great view of the Chiltern hills and underneath the churchyard’s spreading yew tree is a bench from which I sedately appreciated the sunset.

I then intercepted Luke and Milo traipsing up the hedge-lined pedestrian route next to the churchyard. I explained to Luke about [25] Pockets of [Luton]. Luke said he moved to Shillington from Welwyn Garden City eight months ago during lockdown. He’s never been to Luton and so sent me instead to the Chiltern cycleway around Pirton. He said if I did the route observantly, I’d spot some alpacas.

For the assemblage I got some yew from the branch overshadowing the bench along with a few leaves of the English ivy that was climbing up the bench.

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