Pocket Number-13: The Catweazle at the East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, Oxford

25 pockets of 011 (2)The Catweazle is a candlelit, mic-free, live event that provides an informal platform for musicians, poets, storytellers and performers to present their work. It takes place every Thursday at the East Oxford Community Centre .

The event has been running for two decades and is something of a cultural icon in Oxford. The night had an engaging mix of performances and I experienced the adrenaline rush occasioned by the terror of performing something.

Patti was the only female performer on the particular evening. She sang Tecumsah Valley by Townes van Zandt ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWoVnvl9aYc ). She then provided the project with one of her poems and sent me to see Ruth at Hear the Word: a spoken word event Ruth organizes; that takes place at the Gardener’s Arms on the third Monday of the month, every other month.

Pocket Number 14: Ruth at at Hear the Word, The Gardener’s Arms >>


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