Pocket Number-19: Fifty-Five Bar, Jamestown Road, Camden Town, London

WP_20150102_21_36_02_Pro (2)

Fifty-Five Bar is a Camden cocktail bar with hundreds of cocktails on the drinks menu.

The bartender recommended a passion-fruit cocktail he proceeded toWP_20150102_21_35_47_Pro (2) mix for me.

I asked if I could see Lyndsey and she was pointed out to me. Lyndsey already knew all about my WP_20150102_21_28_19_Pro (2)mission, having been forewarned of my arrival by her house-mate – who had witnessed my meeting with Simon at The Black Heart.

Lindsey gave the montage a passion fruit – a good reminder of the passion fruit cocktail I partook of. She then sent me to go find Jimmy at The Camden Eye for a kiss.

Pocket Number 20: Jimmy at The Camden Eye >>


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