Pocket Number 6: Deacon Hill, Pegsdon Hills

Hiking to the top of Pegsdon hills involved a climb up a grassy escarpment over meadows flecked with sheep and riddled with rabbit warrens.

We continued up the ridgeline to Deacon Hill where we found a hillfort and also another trig pillar.

It was a sunny afternoon and the summit gave a commanding view over the Chilterns and the rolling farmland of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

At the summit we encountered Polly, Luke and Jasper. They had all jogged uphill to the trig pillar!

After they caught their breath, I explained about [25] Pockets of [Luton]. They weren’t too familiar with Luton and had jogged to the trig from Shillington. Consequently, they sent me to see All Saints Church in Shillington. They said it was a beautiful medieval church prominently situated on a hill. They directed me to sit on a bench in the church’s graveyard which gives a picturesque view of Pegsdon Hills.

They looked around the hillside for a striking object to put on the montage and broke off a hawthorn sprig with berries to add a splash of red colour to the assemblage of objects.

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