Pocket Number 1: Sacred Heart Tattoos, Regent Street

WP_20151219_12_54_43_ProSacred Heart Tattoos is a tattoo and piercing parlour located at the end of Regent Street. The two tattoo artists I found working there were both called Dave* so I selected the Dave who recognized Tom’s picture on my smartphone.

After I explained about my project, Dave wrote authentically, with his own permanent marker pen, for me to visit his friend Lee at Blaze and provided a tattoo needle for the assemblage.

Dave informed me that he had inked LeeWP_20151219_12_58_27_Pro but that he hadn’t yet gotten around to tattooing Tom.

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* A trend? The tattoo shop I visited (in [25] Pockets of [Reading]) also had two tattoo artists of the same name working there — both were called Adam: https://artrospektive.com/25-pockets-of-reading/pocket-number-11-the-electric-lady-reading/ .