Pocket Number-12: Warwick Street Kitchen, Warwick Street

WP_20160116_14_56_58_ProWarwick Street Kitchen is an independent coffee shop on Warwick Street. The interior is made urban/rustic via wooden floor boards, wooden furniture and apple crates and it has 3d art mounted on the walls and hung from the ceiling.

Adam told me that the furniture in the shop was all handmade by his father and that the art is by one WP_20160116_14_39_04_Proof the shop’s team who’s WP_20160116_14_56_51_Projust completed art school.

At the front of the shop is a delicatessen that stocks an assortment of local and ethically sourced produce, such as coffee beans, teas, ales, bread loaves, chocolates, crackers, cheese, WP_20160116_14_46_33_Procharcuterie, jams, sauces, pickles and chutneys.

I needed an espresso and it came to me properly thick and syrupy. I was WP_20160116_14_48_58_Prorecommended to try the sausage roll and it WP_20160116_14_42_32_Prohad a light and flaky crust around tasty, sage-flavoured sausage meat.

Adam opened the business around two years ago and runs the place and cooks the food. He gave the assemblage a Warwick Street Kitchen coffee cup and then sent me to Christopher Peters as the owners are frequent customers of the shop.

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