Pocket Number-16: Worcester College Gardens, Oxford

pockets of 002After strolling through Worcester College gardens  I inquired after the gardener, Kieron and was told that he was in the orchard.

I found a group of gardeners in the apple orchard. They were watching an instructor,  Chris Lanczak, Orchard Manager of Waterperrry Gardens, demonstrate his technique of pruning the apple trees (see the 3 February 2014 entry in the gardeners’ blog: http://wocogaga.blogspot.co.uk/ ). pockets of 001

Kieron was pointed out to me and he agreed to participate in the project. He talked to me a bit about the garden and about the snowdrops I had seen in flower. I learned that a snowdrop’s seeds have appendages that contain a substance that is attractive to ants, who help with seed dispersal.

For the project I received the yellow and black Staedtler pencil Kieron had used to take notes and I was sent to locate a meadow-man at Christ Church meadow.

Pocket Number 17: meadow-man at Christ Church meadow >>


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