Pocket Number-25: Home, Tony Wilson Place

WP_20160626_19_03_35_ProHome is a newly-opened arts complex housing theatres, cinemas, an art gallery, a bookstore and a bar and restaurant behind its tinted glass facade.

At the downstairs bar I encountered Lucie and Emerys and had a pint of MCR Fold, a smooth beer from North Manchester brewery WP_20160626_19_02_02_ProJW Lees.

I told Emerys and Lucie about what I was doing and Lucie sent me on  “a top secret, multi-storey car park infiltrating mission.” Lucie told me to “hit the roof and take a picture of Manchester’s grey vista” and put the picture I took on the assemblage.

WP_20160626_19_40_15_ProThe car-park was easy to infiltrate via tailing a driver past the locked doors. After climbing ten storeys of stairs to the roof, I was rewarded with a panoramic view over Manchester’s skyline

WP_20160626_19_34_48_ProEmerys and Lucy at Home are the 25th Pocket of Manchester so that [25] Pockets of [Manchester] can now be assembled.


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