Pocket Number-11: Harriet at the shop

WP_20150611_13_37_01_ProBack at the shop, I encountered Harriet who explained about WP_20150620_13_01_02_Prothe up and coming exhibitions at the Old Fire Station.

The exhibit currently on display in the gallery is titled Vessels –WP_20150620_13_00_35_Pro  a collaborative project displaying clay work created by crisis members responding to the theme of vessels.

From 25th to the 27th of June 2015 there will be events and installations from emerging WP_20150611_13_38_10_Proartists who’ve participated in Playground. [25] Pocket of [the Old Fire Station] has been developed as part of Playground’s SKYROCKET scheme and will be displayed at that event.

From 3 July – 8 August 2015 there’s a furniture design exhibition from selected graduates from Rycotewood Furniture Centre and from 14 August to 26 September 2015, there will be an exhibition titled “Hidden Spire” which documents the operation of producing a play.

WP_20150621_08_37_17_ProHarriet gave the assemblage a tag used to tag  items sold at the shop. She then took me upstairs to meet any artist we found present in the studios on the second floor.

Pocket Number 12: Daisy at the Art Studios >>


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