[25] Pockets of [Swansea] – pockets 26 to 50

Continuing from the last instructions given by Vivian in [25] Pockets of [Swansea], the 26th pocket in [Swansea] is “someone in a Swan’s football jersey at Liberty Stadium.”


Pocket Number 26: Chris at Liberty Stadium >>

Pocket Number 27: Dafydd at The Mill, Brynymor Road >>

Pocket Number 28: Vince at The Victoria Inn, Mumbles >>

Pocket Number 29: Ian at Mumbles Cricket Club  >>

Pocket Number 30: Badger at The Village Hotel, Langdon Road >>

Pocket Number 31: Alex at Castellamare Restaurant >>

Pocket Number 32: Paul at Bassetts/Citroen, Phoenix Way >>

Pocket Number 33: Anthony at Eastside Insurance >>

Pocket Number 34: Throw Selby at the Sinclair Audi showroom, Langdon Road >>

Pocket Number 35: Fudge at Hancock at Brown, Langdon Road >>

Pocket Number 36: Jason at Phoenix Plumbing Supplies, Phoenix Road >>

Pocket Number 37: Morris -> Michaela at the Halfway Pub in Winch Wen >>

Pocket Number 38: Patrick at the Bonymaen Inn, Bonymaen >>

Pocket Number 39: Andrew at Steak by Night, Kingsway >>

Pocket Number 40: Kevin at the Kevin Thomas pharmacy, St Helen’s Road >>

Pocket Number 41: Chris at The Hub, St. Helen’s Road >>

Pocket Number 42: Kayla at Noah’s Yard, The Uplands >>

Pocket Number 43: Sarah & Vicky at One Shoe Cafe, Union Street >>

Pocket Number 44: Liz & John at Dynamic Rock, Clydach >>

Pocket Number 45: John at The Mad Cow, Castle Street >>

Pocket Number 46: Alex at The Cove Cafe, Castle Street >>

Pocket Number 47: ‘the lovely ladies’ at Cwtch Cafe, St. David’s Square >>

Pocket Number 48: “The Lads (Chris, Lee and James) at Crane’s Music, St. David’s Shopping Centre >>

Pocket Number 49: Tattooed Simon at HMV, St. Mary’s Square, Quadrant Shopping Centre >> 

Pocket Number 50: Elaine at WHSmith, Quadrant Shopping Centre >>


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