Pocket Number 3: cat @ Old Steine and YHA Brighton Hostel

93393433_526371821649858_1952623215163473920_nI scanned housefronts and pubfronts, looking for a cat as I followed the Old Steine down toward the Marine Parade and seafront. In case you’re wondering, ‘Old Steine’ is a thoroughfare in Brighton; the southern terminus of the A23.

At the foot of the lanes, by seafront hotels and 93102124_2566073596980433_6265956409796460544_nopposite a Victorian fountain, I spotted it – a black ceramic cat halfway up the northeast corner of Lace House at 39 Old Steine.

But how did it get there? Is it a decoration? A pigeon deterrent?

I still needed to find someone who knew about the cat to refer me to the next place in Brighton and so dropped in at pubs and delis nearby asking people I encountered if they know anything about the cat at Old Steine. No luck, but someone suggested asking at the YHA.  The YHA is just a stone’s throw away from the cat.

92673044_223367895544686_2244093688873484288_nI met Peter standing at the YHA reception. He knew about the cat’s existence and whereabouts. He said that on occasion YHA guests have asked him to call for help to rescue the cat, to which he replies: ‘it’s Specsavers who we need to call.’

93273188_845694029228527_5962076594452299776_nPeter hails from Luton. He moved to Brighton in 99 and never 93439804_2970192896393574_2116628435441811456_nlooked back. For the montage he gave a YHA brochure. He circled on the brochure’s map, his favourite YHA hostel – St Briavels Castle – a hostel in a Welsh castle! He then sent me to see someone at The Paris House in Hove and told me to order a ricard at the bar.

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