Pocket Number 2: Teacup Kitchen, Thomas Street

WP_20160522_11_43_55_ProI visited Teacup Kitchen late on Saturday morning. The venue was a popular place for brunch and so I queued to be seated. While I queued, I identified (“long, blond hair“) and intercepted a busy Will who’d been told all about my project by Jasmine.

I asked Will if he’s an artist or dancer like WP_20160522_12_07_48_ProJasmine and he told me that he enjoys music and is the singer and guitarist in a band. As for art, he does bit of latte art.

He gave me a shot of espresso while I waited to be seated and recommended I try Teacup’s flourless chocolate cake – a “dark chocolate WP_20160522_12_01_51_Proganache whipped and baked with a melt-in-the-mouth truffle texture.”

Will told me to take a picture of his latte art for the assemblage and then sent me to go see the wierdos at the Castle Hotel.


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