Pocket Number 2: The Village, Alcester Road, Moseley

WP_20150328_19_21_00_ProThe Village is a gastro-pub situated in suburban Moseley; in a historic, redbrick Victorian building.

The interior has open plan seating and eclectic, rustic décor of wooden WP_20150328_19_37_04_Profloors, button-back sofas, log burning fireplaces, a mounted moose-head, etc.

There are cask ales and craft beers on tap.

I downed a pint of Gold Rush Ale and demolished a bowlful  of mussels (with bread for WP_20150328_19_26_59_Produnking). WP_20150328_19_36_55_Pro

James had taken my order. I told him about what I was doing and he gave the montage a hand pump label for the Gold Rush ale I had sampled. The label describes the ale as a “refreshing, zesty golden ale.” Brewed with wheat and Munich malt. Single hopped with cascade.”

James told me to head to Jekyll & Hyde  and advised me to ask about their gin cocktails by “Cheffy.”

Pocket Number 3: (Leanne) at The Jekyll and Hyde, Steelhouse Lane, City Centre >>


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